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‘On the Go’ Nordic walking is based in Devon with groups in East Devon and Plymouth. Whatever your age, shape or size you too can Nordic walk. It is an amazing activity which uses all the major muscle groups but is safe and low impact. Having had two replacement knees Nordic Walking has helped Pauline regain my fitness and now she loves helping others get active and seeing their fitness levels change. Learn to Nordic walk with Pauline and her team whilst enjoying some fun social walks in the Devon countryside. Groups are all inclusive and suit all abilities. We’re never far from a tearoom or coffee shop too…

Pauline Beare

Pauline was founder and CEO of the award winning Women’s Running Network helping thousands of women get active and achieve amazing things. Since having had 2 knee replacements Pauline has taken up Nordic walking and trained to be an Instructor to pass on her enthusiasm and passion to a new audience.  Pauline is also a qualified Cycle leader with British Cycling and an Athletics Level 2 coach so her passion for helping others get active is clear to see..

Sarah Curtin

Sarah has recently qualified as a walk leader

Jim Wilde

Jim has recently qualified as a walk leader

Julie Waters

Julie is a nordic walking instructor, covering the Torbay area

Lisa Graves

Lisa is based over the border in Cornwall and came to Nordic walking earlier this year. She is now a qualified leader and along with all the Plymouth Leaders upgrading to Instructor level. Lisa will be delivering tasters and course over the border at Mount Edgecombe where the scenery is stunning. Lisa is second from right in this photo…

Juliet Wilde

Juliet has been Nordic walking in Plymouth for a couple of years now as has husband Jim. A teacher in her day job Juliet recently trained to be a leader and is now uprading to Instructor. Juliet and Jim recently completed the Purbeck 16, a fantastic achievement for them. Juliet is pictured on the right here.

Tony Smith

Tony and his partner Wendy came to a taster session last December in torrential rain so if that didn’t put them off nothing would. Having completed a Learn to course he was hooked, trained as a leader, and is now an instructor. His aim is to help people find confidence, strength and happiness within themselves whilst getting fitter because it is a full body workout, it takes place outdoors all year round and uses the natural environment as an outside gym and this is what inspired him to become a Nordic Walking UK Instructor. He has always led an active outdoors lifestyle. He is offering active walks for all abilities and workout sessions for those that want a more challenging walk. Tony will continue to lead and help in Plymouth but also set up and deliver tasters, courses and walks in his home town of Ivybridge and surrounding areas.

Lesley Peate

Lesley has been walking with me since my very first course at National Trust Saltram. She has trained as a leader and is invaluable to the Plymouth Nordic Walking groups. Lesley has now also trained to be an Instructor and will be delivering her own courses from January 2017, on Plymouth Hoe, in Devonport Park and in Yelverton.

Jo Williams

Jo has been walking with NWUK since 2009 and held the original Competence Card, the forerunner to the current Freedom card. She became interested in Nordic walking as a useful cross training tool to complement her running, it being a viable alternative to swimming or cycling. Jo qualified as a NWUK Community Leader in 2014 and since then has been assisting and leading walks for those who have already taken a course.

She says “I really enjoy Nordic walking and the benefits it brings, and get great pleasure from helping people to become active and seeing their confidence grow. I’m also very keen on promoting Nordic walking to those folks who are already active and who are looking for a good workout which is kind to the joints. Also of course, you can’t beat being in the Great British outdoors in all seasons and experiencing whatever the weather throws at you.”

Sam Patchell

I concentrate on Yoga and it’s principles, but call upon my experience in other sporting areas to enhance the class, or one to one, learning experience.
Yoga improves posture, balance, strength & flexibility whilst promoting relaxation and calmness.
Utilising different techniques, I can help with different ailments such as insomnia, depression, joint problems such as knee, hips, shoulder, and back & neck problems.
Focussing on the breath and relaxation, can help with many health problems such as tension, sleep problems & headaches and also promotes general wellbeing.
One to one teaching can address your personal needs. They can be used to gently start you off, easing you into Yoga, or a general healthy lifestyle, to become part of a regular plan.
I think all of my different classes that I teach help and complement each other and it is great to help people with a specific injury.

I love teaching yoga and Nordic outside as you get the benefit of fresh air with helps with the mind.


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