Always read the description…

Mondays is our usual walk day but on bank holidays sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. This year thought I’d try something different so this is what happened when Helen and Graham decided to turn up on a Bank Holiday Monday walk.

I was looking through the diary of events and saw a walk on Bank Holiday 
Monday going around the coastal footpath. That sounded promising so I 
booked my place. We met as expected and I was surprised to hear it was a
much longer walk than usual. 
"Did I have water? Had I brought snacks?"  I was asked
No, I had none. Well never mind was the reply ,we have enough for you.
Off we went, the weather forecast was terrible so we expected to get wet. 
Through the fields and on to the coast, quite stunningly beautiful 
scenery. Weather behaving, hardly anyone around. What more could I ask 
of a walk. 3 hours later, dry, tired but thrilled to have completed such
an amazing walk, we enjoyed coffee and pizza in the pub. 
Thanks to you all for encouraging me, looking after me and my lesson 
is.......always have water and food ( chocolate ) with me on walks.
Updated: May 19, 2016 — 6:14 am


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